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Michael Di Pietro


Mike Di Pietro has been involved in real estate for over 20 years. From being a real estate agent, to buying, holding, and selling houses, he is a seasoned ethical professional in the industry. With a background in managing small and large projects, he knows how to move things along swiftly and efficiently. Prior to starting The Notes Marketplace Mike was an Information Technology project manager for a large pharmaceutical company.

Real Stories: How Note Holders Benefited

Don't just take our word for it - hear directly from promissory note holders who have worked with us to turn their future payments into an upfront lump sum cash payout or they received a partial payment. Their stories highlight the many ways accessing this cash has made a positive impact.


Whether it was paying off high-interest debt, funding a new business venture, covering medical expenses, or finally being able to afford their dream home renovations, selling their promissory note opened up new financial opportunities.


Read through these real testimonials to learn more about their experiences working with our team through a straightforward process. See how we delivered on our promise to maximize the value of their note while making the transaction seamless from start to finish.


For many, their promissory note represented tied-up cash they couldn't access when they needed it most. Hear how we helped unlock that value so they could use the money immediately.

Two Ripples
Having inherited notes on several houses was something I knew absolutely nothing about! From the moment I called Mike, at The Notes Marketplace he guided me through the whole process! They made us a very fair offer on the notes and the transaction went very smoothly! I could not be more thankful for the honesty and help I received from this company!!
- Sandy, North Carolina
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